March 26, 2011

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February 5, 2011

here is my new cv. constructive criticism appreciated.

brain network

January 31, 2011

i think it would be a really nice piece to recreate a brain network from lights in either a perspex box or hanging from the ceiling.

if it were to be hanging from the ceiling people could write down dreams and attach them to the brain network

not to digress

January 31, 2011

so far ive only looked at lighting to reflect the idea of dreams/dreaming. im now going to look at the visual, video and photography element of it.
as i said before i would like to look into time lapse, and masking within video.


other things ive found.

January 31, 2011

thanks to luke wakeford for this one, i was thinking along the lines of light, and i love the subtle glow of jar laterns. you can now buy them called sunjars i think.
luke however has made his own for his sisters wedding if im not mistaken, i think these would be a perfect extra lighting source in the gallery space to create atmospheric lighting.

ok after that i cant get hold of the picture ill have to ask luke for a copy.
stay tuned 🙂

every time i look at light installations i fall more and more in love with them, there something captivating about them.

ive been researching artists and their work in order to come up with some ideas. however building a light installation on a small budget may prove to be a problem.
i love the use of tube lights in his work, i also really like this piece

i would love to do something similar, recreating the brain when it is in a dreaming phase.
lights replicating the neuron activity (not sure if thats what its called, too many sci fi films i think)

ocean of light by squidsoup

January 31, 2011

here are just a few images of squidsoup’s ocean of light,

the second image gives me an idea of tranquility, something i would usually associate with dreaming.

if you follow this link there is a video of their istallation.

im now going to research some more light installation work.